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Lotsi Method

The "Lotsi" remembering technique was actively used by the ancient Greeks. This method requires from us to imagine that walk well-known path. During this imaginary walk thought have objects that are designed to remember, at fixed locations along the way. The recall of memory you just have to walk the path again. The name comes from the technique Latin - loci - and it means places locations.

Step 1 : imagine a route that you know exactly - example: the kitchen, hallway, door, staircase entrance of the building, nearest tree (bench), shops, bus stop ...

Step 2 : Mentally walk down this route and connect familiar places with images present the concepts that you want to remember. Better is obtained by simply putting "action" and imagine strange, unusual events and experiences.

Example: for a tutorial on "Man and Nature" children should remember and learn the concepts of sun flowers, fog, squirrel, wind. Familiar His daily route and places therein are nursery entrance of the building, nearest tree in the garden, at the corner shop, school. You must connect places with a series of words, concepts shaped images. The more ridiculous and wonderful they are, the easier it will remember the child.

Obtained following route:

1. The sun rises and illuminates my childhood room. So my bright lights in the eyes that wake me up. Who could have pulled the curtain?

2. Go to school - just in front is not hindered in flower. The whole is drooping of thirst - draw water and pour it.

3. Oh, my favorite climbing tree was shrouded in mist and ghostly white I do not see straight. Mom will not believe me that the tree is made of invisibly.

4. I can not believe it! Grocery store today is a pet. Of window has a squirrel cage with - what a long, bushy tail has!

5. Just walk into the school yard and what to see - a strong wind refers building in the sky. All children enjoy and teacher cry.

The described route and imaginary events and characters not only saved easier, but is associated with the described properties and characteristics of objects: sun shines, shines, the flower is alive and in need of water mist makes objects invisible and hides them; squirrel has long hair and big bushy tail wind blows and can move objects and evoke emotion in people.

The technique is applicable to terms relating to specific items and is particularly useful for memorizing sequences. May serve to alleviate of remembering shopping lists, sequence of activities Synopsis for exams, etc. In more abstract concepts remembering becomes more difficult.

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